NYCAPS ESS is an Employee self-service(ESS) portal. Nycaps ESS, is used rampantly in New York. Thanks to this service, the state’s employees can now access as well as manage personal and professional information regarding multiple benefits and taxes. Nycaps ESS gives employees the independence to review their information on their own instead of depending on the Human Resource department. They are free to do it whenever they please simply by logging in to the ESS portal.

How to login to Nycaps ESS?

  • If you wish the go to the website of Nycaps ESS from work, then you can follow this link: http://cityshare.nycnet/ess.
  • If you have to access their facilities from home, follow this link in that case:
  • Lastly, if you are a member, make sure you remember the password and user ID to avoid complications during logging in.

How to reset the Nycaps ESS user password?

Here are the steps for resetting password:

  • Visit the login page as mentioned above
  • Select the ‘forgotten password’ option and read the instructions
  • Answer security questions with accuracy. In case you are not sure about the answers, report the problem to NYCAPS Central at, and they’ll resolve the password-related issue.
New user at Nycaps ESS?
  • Your user ID  will be your Employee ID(a seven digit number) given by the agency that can also be found on your paystub.
  • Your password consists of last two digits of your SSN, followed by an underscore("_"), starting tree letters of your birth month(all three have to be capital letters), followed by your two digit birth day, and your birth year. 
For example, password of an employee with an SSN XXX-XX-XX23, with date of birth Feb 08, 1960 would be 23_FEB081960

Way to contact or reach out to NYCAPS ESS:

If you wonder how you can reach out to NYCAPS ESS, we are here to answer that question. The process is quite easy and user-friendly. All you have to do is contact the payroll office or health benefits organization/agency. You may also give a call directly to the central company at (212) 487- 0500, and they'll guide you.

Some most commonly asked questions along with answers:

1. How can we utilize the worker self-service tool or the Nycaps ESS ?

Ans: Multiple vital tasks can be performed through the Nycaps ESS. For example, you may update tax information and your benefits. Under the personal information section, you can alter your name, residential address, contact number in times of emergency, any other phone number, your gender, and ethnic group. There are other details as well that you keep updating.

Those are military status, email address, and birth date. In the tax information section, you get the option to enter information related to tax statements and direct deposit. You can also view tax withholdings there. It is possible to add or delete your dependence and alter healthcare and life event services from the benefits information section.

2. When can we access the self-service?

Ans: As Nycaps ESS is an online support, it is there for you 24*7. Just keep in mind that their brief maintenance takes place on Sundays, at 8:30 in the evening.

3. I am having trouble logging in? What will I do?

Ans: Please go to the ‘ESS User Guide’ from the ESS homepage or take help of NYCAPS Central:

During the yearly transfer period, employees can select while users can also choose their health schemes and benefits. This self-service, introduced to make employees lives simpler, actually serves as a tool- one that the employees commonly use. The employee can use the service anytime, anywhere to fulfill different interests. 

In simple words, this portal lets the workers update their credentials like contact numbers, addresses, and other contact details from time to time. Each employee gets a private ID comprising of seven digits, and through this, they can handle their account in the employee self-service by NYCAPS.

The full form of the word ESS is Employee Self Service. It is a self-service program and a widely used technology specializing in human resources. It helps employees perform several kinds of job-related issues like updating personal information, applying online for reimbursement, and accessing the company’s benefits. The company’s management relies primarily on its administrative staff or the management department and includes many important papers. It was first introduced in the early 2000s. Employer portal simplifies our life as it offers these exclusive services.

How are the ESS system and ESS portal different from one another?

ESS portal is basically the service that gives you the chance to assess your job-related information, records, and details. ESS portal enables employees to change their personal details when required. It includes contact details and bank information as well.

The ESS system, on the other hand, is software. This allows users to transform the data of enterprises into the reports of the executive level. These include building departments, staffing, and accounting. This system is also called the EIS (Executive Information System).


We hope you found the information provided by us relevant and valuable. Please visit the official website of NYCAPS ESS to know more about the benefits and procedures.